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  • The Only
    Liquid EPDM Rubber In The World

    - Last 4 Times Longer than other roofing
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Don't Re-Roof! Simply Re-Coat and Save thousands.

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Liquid EPDM Coatings

Success History

With over a 25 year history of success Liquid rubber is the only 100% liquid epdm rubber in the world. Proudly made in the U.S.A. Liquid EPDM is unlike any other roofing sealant. Its 25 year history of success has proven itself superior in the marketplace. We encourage you to read our testimonials and view our videos where customers over the years have given their input about the product and its ease of application. So why is Liquid Rubber so different? For years epdm has been used in glass-run channels, radiators, garden hoses, the seals around our refrigerators, pond liners, washers to name a few. The reason it has been so widely accepted is its overall heat, ozone and weather resistance. Liquid EPDM has proved to outperform synthetic rubbers and has been tested to outlast and outperform elastomerics, acrylics and urethanes.
Benefits of

Liquid EPDM

Other benefits of the product are that it is very forgiving to drastic temperature changes. For those of us living in some of the colder climates it can get to 50F during the day and drop to -25 at night. This is the one of the key differences in EPDM vs other roof sealants.
A True Liquid Rubber product | 25 YEARS HISTORY OF SUCCESS
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